General Dentistry

Our office provides general dentistry for your entire family.  The evaluation, diagnosis, prevention, and treatment of disorders and conditions of the mouth is the most basic definition of dentistry. General dentistry are services related to the maintenance of oral hygiene and tooth health, primarily consisting of preventative treatments.  As your family dental office, our goal is to promote and educate good oral hygiene habits, identify problems as early as possible in order to prevent the necessity of more evasive procedures, and present you with the best treatment options available.  Our office incorporates several restorative procedures to correct any damage to your teeth, whether it be from decay, trauma, or disease.  Dr. Pulido has over 29 years of experience practicing dentistry and is able to perform most procedures in our office; however, for special cases, he may refer you to a specialist that through his years in practice has built a professional relationship with and trusts wholeheartedly will provide the same quality service that our office provides to you. X-Rays We use modern digital x-ray technology that reduces the amount of radiation needed to acquire quality images.  Our intra-oral sensors will take high quality, sharp bite-wing and periapical images that will give Dr. Pulido and his staff the best visual evidence of your current oral health.  Our digital panorex machine takes high quality, sharp images of your entire oral cavity, allowing Dr. Pulido and his staff to see, in high detail, your whole oral cavity in one image.  Digital x-rays are far superior than previous x-ray technology in that the image instantly appears on the computer with a crisp, detailed image. Fillings Tooth decay is removed and the cavities are filled with a mixture of materials that prevent or inhibit further tooth decay.  Flowable Compomer Restorative is a composite filling consisting of aesthetic white material that adheres to the tooth, both chemically and physically. Palliative This procedure is used to relieve pain; however, it is not a cure to the underlying cause of the pain. Pulpotomy This treatment is the removal of part of or all of a tooth's pulp and is usually a precursor to further procedures.  Essentially, this procedure deadens the root of the tooth to resolve any pain issues with that given tooth. Root Canal This is the hollow part of a tooth's root.  Once the pulp of the tooth becomes infected or dies, either intentionally through a Pulpotomy or by natural causes, a root canal treatment is needed.  This treatment removes the infected or dead root nerves and seals the canal to prevent future infection of the canal. Gingivectomy Removal of excess gums through surgery in order to improve clean-ability and health.  It provides better access for removing calculus and smoothing of the root, which promotes the gingival healing. Dentures A partial or complete set of removable teeth. Temporomandibular Joint Disorder (TMJ) This occurs when pain develops in the joint, muscles, or ligaments of the jaw joint. Extractions The removal of teeth.  Extractions may be needed for a variety of reasons, ranging from limited space in the oral cavity for incoming teeth (wisdom teeth extractions) to diseased or dead teeth.
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